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  1. Camera web Spy Protect 53950, USB, negru

    Special Price 125.99 RON

    Model: 53950 Rezolutie senzor: 1.3 MP Rezolutie foto: 1280 x 1024 Pixeli (interpolat) 2560 x 2048 Pixeli Rezolutie video: 1280 x 1024 Pixeli (interpolat) 2560 x 2048 Pixeli Interfata: USB 2.0 Mic...

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  2. Resigilat! Stick USB iUni SpyCam STK102 cu Camera Spy si Senzor de Miscare

    Special Price 50.00 RON

    Stick USB cu camera spy si senzor de miscare              Functionalitate:  Este echipat cu funcția

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  3. Serengeti Spy: Views from a Hidden Camera on the Plains of East Africa, Hardcover/Anup Shah

    Special Price 242.00 RON

    across a ravine, inquisitive monkeys who have discovered the camera and gaze directly into the lens and

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  4. Cuier Spy cu Microcamera iUni SpyCam C1

    Special Price 191.00 RON

    Cuier spy cu microcamera iUni C1   Functionalitate: Camera video ascunsa in cuier de perete, dotat

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  5. 12 Raspberry Pi Hacking Projects: Spy on Your Family, Build Arcade Games, Mod Minecraft, and More!, Paperback/Dan Aldred

    Special Price 116.00 RON

    real world. Use the Raspberry Pi to turn lights on in your room through Minecraft; spy on bluetooth

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  6. Camera ascunsa in ceas de mana JSKCM2K, 2K , senzor miscare, inregistrare 1.5 ore

    Special Price 690.00 RON

    prezent de un gadget spy. Cel mai performant ceas de mana cu minicamera spy de pe piata cu cea mai mare

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  7. Vizor Spion iUni SpyCam

    Special Price 331.00 RON

    scazute de lumina. Vizorul spy cu camera poate fi conectat direct la televizor pentru vizualizare live a

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  8. Microsaurs: Follow That Tiny-Dactyl, Hardcover/Dustin Hansen

    Special Price 74.00 RON

    Danny and Lin never say no to adventure, so when Danny's spy camera captures a tiny dinosaur

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  9. Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2: Build a Secret Agent Arsenal, Paperback/John Austin

    Special Price 80.00 RON

    If you re a budding spy, what better way to conceal your clandestine activities than to miniaturize

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  10. River Monsters: True Stories of the Ones That Didn't Get Away, Paperback/Jeremy Wade

    Special Price 79.00 RON

    full details of how he catches each species and recounting the off-camera highlights of his

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  11. The Sorbonne Affair: A Hugo Marston Novel, Paperback/Mark Pryor

    Special Price 74.00 RON

    small class of writers, she discovers a spy camera hidden in her room at the Sorbonne Hotel. She

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  12. Shooting Script, Paperback/Gavin Lyall

    Special Price 75.99 RON

    messy. As both the new government and the FBI seek his services, Carr takes a job flying a camera plane

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  13. A Tennessee Portrait: Photographs and Stories from Roads Less Traveled, Hardcover/Jerry Park

    Special Price 193.00 RON

    Description In A Tennessee Portrait, bestselling author Jerry Park returns with camera and pen to

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  14. Bricheta cu Camera Spion iUni Spy B37

    Special Price 300.00 RON

    Bricheta cu Camera iUni B37

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  15. I-Spy - Tank control - AndroidiPhone, Camera Video

    Special Price 659.00 RON

    ISpy Tank aduce un nou nivel de functionalitate smartphone-ului sau tabletei dumneavoastra . Il puteti controla prin intermediul dispozitivelor Android, iPhone sau iPad conectandu-va prin WiFi si u...

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  16. Stick USB iUni SpyCam STK102 cu Camera Spy si Senzor de Miscare

    Special Price 67.00 RON

    ;Stick USB cu Camera Spy si Senzor de Miscare Manual de Utilizare

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  17. Ceas Spion cu Camera HD iUni Spy W20 720p, Foto, Video

    Special Price 335.00 RON

    :                                                       Acesta este noul ceas HD W20 din gama ceasurilor de mana cu camera video. Are un design atractiv, camera

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  18. MP3 Player cu Camera Spion iUni Spy MP, inregistrare audio-video

    Special Price 179.00 RON

    MP3 player cu camera spion   Functionalitate: Inregistrare video la o rezolutie 640x480 la simpla

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  19. Ceas cu Camera Spion iUni Spy GR10, Full HD, Night Vision, Infrarosu, Audio-Video

    Special Price 395.00 RON

    Functionalitate:         Ceasul cu Camera Spion iUni Spy GR10 este un ceas sport, subacvatic

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96 produse / 5 pagini